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Builth and district
Crime and punishment
  Stone bed, straw mattress, tin bucket !  

The furnishings of the cells for the prisoners at Builth Police Station were also listed in the 1888 inventory.
Luxury accommodation ? Not really...


Part of inventory,1888 "Cell next [to] Entrance
No 1...Stone bedstead with
wood top
No 1...Straw palliasse
No 2.. Woollen blankets,
much worn
No 1...Cotton Rug - ditto
No 1...Galvanized Bucket
No 1...Lock and key for door"

Fancy a stone bed ? The "straw palliasse" was just a large sack filled with straw to serve as a mattress.
The two woollen blankets are recorded as being "much worn" - and they were probably pretty thin to start with !
And that was the best cell in the place...

Drawing of bucket
Useless bucket
(right) drawn by
Rob Davies,
our useless
drawings expert !
Part of inventory,1888 "No 3 Cell
..No 2...Useless Rugs
..No 1 ..Useless ..Bucket"...

Presumably the useless bucket had a hole in it, but it was still added to the property list !

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