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Builth and district
in Victorian times
  The scene of a tragedy in 1853  

This picture shows the river crossing at Llandewi'r Cwm, on the old Brecon road south from Builth.
The bridge crosses the River Duhonw at this point, and this was close to the scene of a tragedy caused by a terrible storm in July 1853. This picture probably dates from the 1890's and shows a later replacement for the bridge lost in that storm.

Duhonw Bridge
Bridge over the R.Duhonw

The 1853 storm resulted in a huge torrent of water rushing down the River Duhonw, and around twenty bridges were swept away or damaged, and eight people were drowned.
The storm carried off a cottage close to the river and the family living there, and the peaceful Victorian scene pictured above seems far away from the terrors of the earlier flood.

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