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  Llanelwedd in 1888  

The map below was made in 1888 at a scale of 6 inches = 1 mile and has more detail. From this we can see that much of the area does not appear to have changed greatly since 1840 . The area to the South near the bridge over the Wye has changed quite a lot however.

  1 Where Gro House used to stand, the 1888 map shows the Llanelwedd Arms Hotel offering accommadation for the growing mumber of visitors to the spa.  
  2 The new Builth Wells railway station now stands on the Radnorshire side of the river. (For more information on the railway visit the Transport section). The line of the main road has had to change to make room for the railway.  
  3 The village of Llanelwedd is still very small but has a new school. This was very important for the children of the ordinary working families. The new school offered these children more opportunities when they grew up. Instead of having limited job possibilities, children were given enough education to enable some of them to do something different with their lives.  

4 Llanelwedd Hall is still a grand house with its own grounds. The owner was still an important local figure but the view from the Hall was certainly changing!

Compare with Llanelwedd in 1840


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