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  Llanddewi'r Cwm in 1888  

The map below was made in 1888 at a scale of 6 inches = 1 mile and has more detail. From this we can see that the area does not appear to have changed greatly. The hills around the Duhonw valley are still dotted with farms and cottages and there do not appear to be any major changes.

  Llanddewi'r Cwm
  Bridge at Llanddewi'r cwmThis unchanged countryside was very attractive for the visitors who came to take the waters at Builth Wells though, and many made the walk out to the bridge below the church (right).
The extra detail of this map does allow us to see that there is a mill on the South side of the Duhonw valley (marked Tucking Mill). This is a dye works where woollen cloth woven locally was dyed. The machinery at the mill was water powered using water brough across from the Duhonw in a mill race or channel.
Water powered works in the countryside were dying out by this time as steam powered workshops could be built in the towns which was more convenient for transporting materials.
  Compare with map of Llanddewi'r Cwm in 1833  

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