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  Llanddewi'r Cwm in 1833  

The map below is another enlarged section of an Ordnance Survey map made at a scale of 1 inch = 1 mile in 1833. Although it is not very detailed it does give us an idea of the area in the early Victorian period.
The way the map is shaded gives us a very good idea of the shape of the landscape. From this you can see that Llanddewi'r Cwm developed on the slopes of the Duhonw valley.

  map of Llanddewi'r Cwm in 1833
  The people of the area would have nearly all been involved in working on the land in some way at this time. For farm labourers ordinary life would not have changed much in the previous hundred years.
  Compare with Llanddewi'r Cwm in 1888  

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