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Ynyscedwyn House 3
One stone remaining

  New owners
With the decline of the iron and coal industries in the Upper Swansea Valley, the creation of a new industrial development by the Anglo-Celtic Watch Co. gave much needed local employment and for a number of years this was a major employer in the district. 
Photograph of
Ynscedwyn House
from the collection
of the late
John Morris
Photo of Ynscedwyn House
  The company acquired Ynyscedwyn House and used it for housing business visitors, thus continuing its residential use. This came to an end in 1969 when the building converted to council offices. 
Photograph by
kind permission of
Brecknock Museum
Stone from Ynscedwyn HouseThe end of an era
The building was no longer required for offices by the 1990's and was finally demolished in 1997. From the rubble of the building this carved stone, seventeenth century coat of arms (left) was rescued and deposited at the Brecknock Museum as a reminder of the building's place in the history of the Upper Swansea Valley.
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