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Pigot & Co.'s Directory (South Wales) 1835: 4
Travel and communication

  Further entries for Rhayader from Pigot's Trade Directory of 1835 are shown here.

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With journeys taking much longer than today despite the improvements brought by the new turnpike roads, inns which could offer accommodation for the night were a vital part of any town and an important stopping off point for the coaches. Despite these new roads and the grand names of the coaches (Sovereign, Tally-ho, etc.) it is notable that the coaches only ran in summer. Winter gales and rain could do great damage to local roads and the long dark winter months may have left Rhayader quite isolated.
  The mail also came by coach along these same roads, often in the dark, with regular deliveries from Aberystwyth, Kington and Builth, connecting Rhayader with the wider mail network.
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