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Pigot & Co.'s Directory (South Wales) 1835: 3
Shopkeepers and tradesmen

  Essential services
Further entries for Rhayader from Pigot's Trade Directory of 1835 are shown below.


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The list above includes all the services needed in a rural community. As well as the still familiar builders, grocers, butchers and stone masons are some trades which are far less common or have disappeared in 1999. Tanning tends now to be done in centralised specialist locations but in the 19th century every small town had a tannery just as it would have had its own corn mill and blacksmith.  Much more was produced locally so that Rhayader had its own drapers, tailors, shoe makers, and straw hat makers.
The cooper making barrels of different sizes had a very imortant role in the community as a great many things could be stored and carted in barrels. With the horse being so important in this period the saddler, farrier, wheelwright and blacksmith would be kept busy. Indeed the men and women on the above list kept Rhayader and the surrounding communities and houses going.
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