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Pigot & Co's Directory (South Wales) 1835: 2
Gentry, clergy and professional men

  A mark of status
Further extracts from Pigot & Co's Trade Directory (South Wales) produced in 1835, are shown below.


County Archives



The gentry and clergy were quick to see themselves listed in directories of this kind as it was a way of declaring their status. The property holding class were the only people able to hold public office, vote in an election or have any real say in matters which affected society. Women of any class were excluded from this. These are the names which appear among the lists of Justices of the Peace for the county, and it is from among these gentry that the Sheriffs of the county are chosen for their year of office. They were the employers and landlords in the area and so important to the local economy. 


  The professional class were keen to seen as of a higher status than those "in trade". As the century progressed it became easier to move between these classes.
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