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Presteigne - The National School 2
Early progress

  The first inspection
The school had its first recorded inspection by Her Majesty's Inspectors in 1868. The Log Book contains the Inspector's report shown here.

 National School
Log Books

County Archives

School log book entry 

This extract reads as follows:
"This is comparatively a new School having only been started about eight months ago, previous to which time there was no school in the neighbourhood. The discipline, order, and efficiency are at present inferior, but this is in a very great measure owing to the short time the children have been under instruction, and their ignorance when first admitted. Next year I shall expect to find a general improvement throughout the school. The present buildings, furniture, apparatus etc., must altogether be considered as temporary; they are very ill adapted for teaching purposes." 

This report gives us a picture of the beginnings of universal education, and some idea of the difficulties faced by the first teachers and their managers. 

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