The examination of John Turner concerning the theft of a hook used in the sugar theft

From the Rolls of the Montgomeryshire Quarter Sessions For the Epiphany Session 1830:

Montgomeryshire. The examination of John Turner of Newtown taken upon oath before me George Arthur Evors Clerk one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace in and for the said County the 12 day of November 1829 -

Who saith that about six weeks ago an Iron hook with three or four links at it belonging to him was stolen from the Butchers Shambles in Newtown and that he has not since found it, that the suspected Edward Edwards and Owen Parry might have stolen as they were idle boys of bad character and he had often seen them lurking about the Shambles and ordered them from there and he asked Edwards and he denied it -

John Turner

Taken & Sworn before me G.A. Evors

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Examination of Richard Thomas Concerning the theft of sugar

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