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Railway days 

  Company headquarters
The railway station at Llanidloes, built by the Cambrian Railway Company, was completed in 1864. It was designed for use as the headquarters of the company as well as the station for the town, hence the imposing appearance of the building.
By that date Llanidloes was part of the mid-Wales Line with rail connections to the north, west and south. 
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Llanidloes railway station 
  The view above was taken before the closure of the railway line in 1962, and shows the platform side of the building. The town centre of Llanidloes lies downhill beyond the station from this view. 

Today the line of the old railway track is followed by a bypass carrying road traffic past the town of Llanidloes. The new road lies below the steep embankment visible in the foreground of the above photograph (left), taken in March 1999.
The imposing frontage of the old station can be seen on the next page.

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