The Mills family 5
Journalism and publishing

by Ronald E. Morris


Richard Mills (5), another son of the weaver Edward Mills and a grandson of Harry, lived in Llanidloes and died at an advanced age in 1896. He was a publisher of books, mainly in Welsh, and wrote articles of a high standard both in style and content for Welsh literary journals. Mayor of the town, he collaborated with another (Rev. N. Cynhafal Jones) in writing the biography of his youngest brother John (see Mills family 7) - the most gifted and versatile of the four sons of Edward.
  Two grandsons of EDWARD Mills distinguished themselves in somewhat similar fields:
John Mills settled in Aberdare and founded a printing business there which may still survive. He printed and edited an influential paper Tarian y Gweithwyr (The Worker’s Shield), a radical newspaper which championed the cause of the miners for many years. There is a complete file of this South Wales newspaper in the National Library of Wales. 
  Owen Mills, another grandson of Edward Mills, lived for many years in Llanidloes where in the middle of the 19th century he printed and published many books and also for a time printed the second weekly newspaper in the county. The first Montgomeryshire newspaper had come out in 1835 and lasted some six months. This second county paper first appeared in 1859 and was known as the Llanidloes Telegraph, surviving until 1884 by which time the Newtown and Welshpool Express had appeared as a rival on the scene. Nevertheless, the Telegraph was a newsy paper; not all its issues have survived, but a good number can be seen at the British Newspaper Library at Colindale. For most of its life this newspaper was controlled by Owen Mills and another member of the Mills family in Llanidloes.
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