The Mills family 4
Edward Mills: father and son

by Ronald E. Morris


Edward Mills (3) (the oldest son of Henry Mills) was a weaver and flannel manufacturer in a small way, employing a few handloom weavers working in their own homes. He had a family of four sons and one daughter whom he brought up in a strict religious way and infused in them a love of music and literature. At this time,- the 1820's and 1830's - there existed also a Literary Society in the town, largely due to the efforts of the Mills family.
Edward Mills (4), his eldest son, interested himself in science and lectured and wrote about it. He travelled around Wales with an orrery which he himself had invented. In 1850 he published one of the first books about astronomy in the Welsh language and this was illustrated by wood engravings done by himself. One of his sons settled in Pontypridd where his family were very active in musical circles, both vocal and orchestral.
Two illustrations from Y Darluniadur Anianyddol, published in 1850 by Edward Mills (4). This is thought to be the first book of authority on Astronomy, Geology and Geography in the Welsh language  zodiac


The planet Saturn
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