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An unforgettable sight 

  Flags out for the soldiers
Another view of the 18th West Yorkshire Infantry Brigade marching down Great Oak Street in Llanidloes after disembarking at the railway station in 1914 is shown below. A huge Union flag is flown from the balcony of the Town Hall, and the parade is led by the Brigade's military band.
Mr Cyrus Meredith of Llanidloes wrote on the back of the photograph "this was a sight which I will never forget."
Photographs by
kind permission of
Cyrus Meredith
Soldiers on parade 1914
  The photograph below, also published as a commemorative postcard, shows the large scale of the military camp near the town. 
  Military camp, Llanidloes, 1914
  This is the second of two pages on Llanidloes during the Great War. 
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