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Llanidloes - The mining industry
Dylife Lead Mines

  Copying the collieries
Another mine of ancient origins in the Llanidloes district was Dylife, almost midway between Llanidloes and Machynlleth to the north-west.
In its prime around 1862 this mine was producing quantities of ore second only to the Van Mines. Like other mines in the area, however, Dylife fell into decline and eventually closed primarily as a result of the fall in lead prices due to cheaper imports.

Lead Mines

Photograph by
kind permission of
Llanidloes Museum

Dylife Lead Mines,c1852 

Dylife Mines made ambitious attempts to copy the methods of coal mining by using a cage and hoist system and trams for moving men and materials, instead of the more common arrangement of bucket and ladders.
The above photograph of Dylife, taken in 1852, shows what was at the time the largest water-wheel in Europe. Rows of terraced cottages built to house mine workers are also visible at the top of the slope.

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