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Hay past and present 1
A busy day in High Town, c1885 

  An image for the Magic Lantern
A very fine period photograph showing a busy day in the streets of Hay, taken around 1885.
This is at the junction of High Town and The Pavement, and the image comes from an old lantern slide taken by Mrs Lilwall of Cusop.

High Town,
Hay, c1885

Photograph by
kind permission of
Eric Lewis Pugh
of Hay

High Town, Hay c1885 
County Archives

High Town,1999. The poster on the wall on the right is advertising Frister & Rossman's new vibrating shuttle sewing machines, and claims sales of over 1 million ! 

The photograph on the left was taken from the same spot in 1999, and the scene is not greatly changed today.

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