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Prison conditions 2
A bed of straw

  Primitive conditions
The incidental little bill shown here, from the Radnorshire Quarter Sessions records of 1804, illustrates the spartan nature of prison life in the years before the reformers were able to improve conditions.
It is a bill, presumably from a local farmer, for the cost of straw supplied to the county gaol at Presteigne. This would be used on the floors of the cells for prisoners to sleep on.

Quarter Sessions
Epiphany 1804

County Archives

 Quarter Sessions document

 The document, from the Session Rolls, reads as follows:
"County of Radnor
To Thomas Dale
for Straw to the Gaol from the 30th Day of April 1803 til the 10th Day of January 1804 Being 7 Thrave and 6 Baullings at 7s per thrave
£2: 10s: 9d"

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