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Drawing of 'scold's bridle' in use
Powys Digital History Project
for schools
The drovers - dam builders - the workhouse - Victorian school diaries - turnpikes, canals, railways - crime and punishment - the gentry - church and chapel - and much more. A site created for schools but of interest to all !
Engraving of a Victorian village in Powys
Powys: A
Day in the Life
Everyday life in mid-Wales in 1891 and today. Late Victorian history brought to life through documents, photographs, and objects from museums and collections. Local people are contributing their accounts of life on one day in 2002.
Page of Victorian school logbook
County Archives
Online information about the County Archives Office in Llandrindod Wells. It holds many historical records from the old counties of Brecknock, Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire. Open to visitors, plus a new research service.
Elan Valley
Six Powys
An early project featuring the history of six communities across Powys. Produced with the help of local people, libraries, museums and the County Archives Office.
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