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Ysgol Genedlaethol 3
Adroddiad ar yr ysgol, 1847

  Gwasanaethu "rhengoedd gwahanol bywyd"
Yn 1847, cyhoeddwyd adroddiad y Comisiynwyr Ymchwilio i Gyflwr Addysg yng Nghymru. Ymysg y papurau yn Swyddfa Archifai’r Sir, mae trawsgript o’r adran honno o Adroddiad y Comisiynwyr mewn perthynas â Machynlleth a wnaed ar yr adeg honno gan glerc lleol.

 Dyfyniad o Adroddiad y Comisiynydd, 1847

Archifdy Sir Powys

Extract from report

Mae’r dyfyniad uchod yn darllen fel a ganlyn:
"Machynlleth:- The parish contains 2482 inhabitants consisting partly of tradespeople and small farmers but for the most part of agricultural laborers who are represented as being very poor. The adjoining Parish of Llanwrin contains 822 inhabitants.
The Parish of Machynlleth contains only one school which is attended in consequence by children of persons belonging to different ranks of life & of such various ages as to make it a difficult task to supply each with satisfactory instruction. An infant school would in some measure remedy this difficulty.
There are recent endowments for the support Education in the Parish. The present income of which amounting to £54.14.10 is appropriated to the support of the following school. It is stated that the subscriptions have decreased of late from £30 to £23 pounds and that the funds of the school are further diminished by allowing all children gratuitous instruction without reference to their ability to pay. The master being allowed to take a few pay scholars who are exempt from the necessity of learning the Church Catechism."

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