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  The dangers of a Victorian school

Ynscedwyn School seems to have been surrounded by dangerous places in the Victorian years. There were accidents on the nearby railway line, and in a stream which was very close to the playground...

Testimonial - a reward given in public.
24th June
School log book entry
  School log book entry

This was written in the school diary in 1892:
"A little child under three years of age fell into the water-course on monday last and was carried a considerable distance down the stream. His little sister - a six year old girl - received a testimonial of ten shillings from the scholars and teachers for attempting to rescue him. The scholars had been repeatedly cautioned to keep away from the water-course."

It seems that this poor little boy was drowned since it refers to "attempting" a rescue, rather than to saving him. The same stream is mentioned again in the school records nine years later...

Another accident in the water...


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