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  A bruised and bleeding little boy

The dangerous and fast-flowing stream (water-course) next to the playground at Ynscedwyn School is mentioned again in the school Log Book in 1901.
This time the result of a child falling in the water is not as tragic as it had been before...

Culvert - a pipe or channel carrying water under a road.

School log book entry This entry from the school Log Book says:
"A little boy, William James Charles, in the First Standard [class], fell into the water-course adjoining the playground during the dinner-hour on Wednesday last, and was carried through a long culvert underneath the road..."
School log book entry

"...Fortunately two little boys of his own age saw him fall and raised the alarm, and the little child was rescued considerably bruised and bleeding."

This was a very lucky escape for William !
Hopefully there aren't any school playgrounds in use today with unfenced streams or railway lines next to them !

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The School and the nearby
dangers from the railway
track, the watercourse and
the river are shown on this
1887 map.
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