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  Sparing the rod in 1883

Here is another reminder from the Log Books of Ynscedwyn Board School of the tougher time that Victorian children had during their school days, compared to school life today.
It was then very common for teachers to hit children with a cane if they did not behave well enough. This was known as 'corporal punishment', which meant caning or flogging. (This shouldn't be confused with 'capital punishment', which meant a sentence of death. Victorian schools were often strict, but not quite that bad !)

Obstreperous - noisy and troublesome.
22nd June
School log book entry

This entry was made in the school diary in 1883:
"I find the conduct of the children much better of late. They are prompter in obedience, and less obstreperous; so that I have been able to use the rod more sparingly".

Being able to "use the rod more sparingly" means that the teacher did not not have to hit children so often with the cane.

Another example of "using the rod"...


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