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  Welshpool railway station  

The photograph below shows all the staff of Welshpool station lined up to have their picture taken, probably in the Edwardian years of the early 1900s.
The stationmaster of one of the larger stations such as Welshpool was a very important member of the community. In this group he is sitting in the centre of the front row, wearing a long frock coat to mark his position.

Staff at
around 1905
Welshpool Station staff  
trolley at

Old luggage trolley Welshpool station
Welshpool railway station, with a bus that
is not Victorian !

Some Victorian railway station buildings were particularly grand and impressive, because they were the headquarters of the railway companies as well as the station for the town. The station at Welshpool, seen in the photograph above right, was built in 1860 and served as the HQ for the Cambrian Railways for many years.
The former station in Llanidloes was also built in a grand style for a similar reason, and there are now new roads in place of the railway lines alongside the station buildings in both Welshpool and Llanidloes ! It is a lot easier to build roads where there used to be railway tracks, because most of the work has already been done !

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