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After the School Inspector made an official visit to each school in his area, a summary of his report was copied into the Log Book.
The Inspector's Report on Vaynor School in 1884 says that he had to make allowances for lots of problems faced by the school...

1st March
School diary entry "...It has been closed on account of sickness for seven weeks since the last inspection, the Mistress has lately been ill, and a large influx of new scholars has poured in, many of whom are most obviously dull"...

"I think a stronger term might be applied to all the boys but two in the first Standard, where on the other hand the girls are very bright and intelligent"...
What he really wanted to say was that all the boys in the youngest class (except two !) were fairly stupid - but all the girls were clever ! He thought it unfair to criticise the teacher who "has done her work with great care and industry".

But School Inspectors were not always kind to teachers. The Inspector's Report on Gungrog School in 1883 said that the new Mistress School diary entrywould have to work harder with the children already taught by the Master who was leaving than she would with children who had never been to school before. This was because he was a useless teacher and they would have to "unlearn" the things that he taught them !

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