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Crime and punishment
  Around the pubs and beer shops  
  Constable Jones visited the pubs and beer shops around his area practically every day. The authorities were very concerned about drunkenness among the working peoplein Victorian times.
The lives of the poorest people were very hard, and it must have been a welcome change for workmen to have a drink with friends in the evening after work.
For some families though this was a luxury they could not really afford, and the fathers were spending money on drink which should have been spent feeding and clothing their children.

In Victorian times there were no official opening hours for pubs, but it was illegal to drink during the time of church services.
In the extract below PC Jones records a Sunday morning on the beat.

  It reads:
"I was visiting Public Houses and beer shops on Sunday morning in church time. I saw no one drincking"
  Things were not always as quiet as this, though. On the 7th June 1844 PC Jones called on the Green Dragon Beer shop.
His journal tells us what he found...
  Extract from the journal

It reads:
"I called by the Green Dragon Beer Shop kept by John Davis a bout half past 8 o' clock PM and found it a very drunken and fighting disorderly house. John Davis the landlord was beastly drunk and disorderly."

Remember when PC Jones had to deal with fights and trouble like this, he was on his own and could not call for back-up !


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