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Welshpool and district
The Light Railway
  In between the houses  

The Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway originally ran through the centre of Welshpool, often squeezing through what seem to be impossibly narrow gaps between the buildings.

Light Railway
train in
Church Street
in the
Train in Church Street The whole line was closed in 1956, and thanks to the efforts of many people it reopened in 1963 but the lines through the town were removed. These pictures show part of the former route within Welshpool.
Seven Stars station (below) had no platform, but there was an open lean-to shed with a bench !

Crossing Union
Street to
Seven Stars
station in the
early 1900s

The station
(far right)

Crossing Union Street Seven Stars station

The train shown in the attractive (coloured by hand from a black and white photograph) picture postcard above has just passed through 'The Narrows' on the way to Seven Stars station. This part of the line, as you can tell from the name, was a very tight fit between the houses !
The train is heading westwards on the way to Llanfair Caereinion. The restored railway, which still runs in the summer months, now starts from Raven Square station on the western edge of Welshpool.

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