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Welshpool and district
in Victorian times
  High Street, Welshpool  

This picture shows the western end of High Street, Welshpool, which seems to have been photographed only very rarely in Victorian times.
This view seems to have been taken on a market day, with some simple stalls being set up at the side of the street. As with many early photographs it is not easy to date it accurately, but it may be from around 1898 or 1900.

The Town Hall which was buit in 1873 can be seen at the far end of High Street.
Broad Street begins here and continues on to
The Cross.
High Street
High Street,Welshpool

Old photographs which show local people going about their everyday business are always more interesting than empty streets or just buildings.
In this picture there are quite a few children to be seen. Perhaps they should have been at school, since all local schools complained that many 'scholars' were missing on market days !

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