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  Seized with the Scarlet Fever  
Drawing by
Rob Davies

One of the other pages in this section gave examples School diary entry of the alarming number of deaths of young children from just one school. But the official Log Books of Victorian schools show that diseases which could cause death were a constant threat.
Some typical diary entries are shown here. The first two are from Trewern School in 1883 and 1893...

School closed sign
12th February
"Attendance thin all week owing to smallpox and whooping cough being prevalent in the neighbourhood ".
28th August
School diary entry "Opened School after 5 weeks being closed for Scarlet Fever".
  This was from Pool Quay School in 1897...  
26th January
School diary entry "...The school was closed by Medical Authority for six weeks in the early part of the year and the work suffered in consequence"...
  And this from Buttington School in 1874...  
1st June
School diary entry "Since Friday last a number of the children have been seized with the Scarlet Fever".

With children coming to country schools from farms and cottages over a wide area it was easy for infectious diseases to spread very quickly, and schools were often closed for weeks to reduce the risk.

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