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  No money, no school !  
Victorian penny

The parents of children at most Victorian schools had to pay for their education. The cost was only a few pence a week, but when many families were very poor it could still be hard for some to find the money.
Even so, most schools had strict rules about regular payments, as shown by this entry from Buttington School Log Book...

Victorian penny
13th July
School diary entry "Isaac Evans' children have been sent home because their parents will not pay the proper school fees."....
  The next two are from Gungrog Road School, and the second one shows that some allowances were made for the poorest families...  
6th June
School diary entry "Punished William Oliver for spending his school pence"
2nd December
School diary entry "Sent Richard James & Morris Wilcox home for their school pence, both brought notes saying that they were too poor to pay. Let them remain in School".
  Free schooling in most schools was brought in by the Government in September 1891, and this usually resulted in better attendances. Buttington School was hoping that it would...  
14th August
School diary entry "It is to be hoped that the attendance will greatly improve when the Free Education Act comes into force in September".
Victorian penny

This school reported in October that the numbers turning up for lessons were the highest for seven years, but also said that "There are still absentees".
As you can see from many other school Log Books on this website it was almost impossible to get ALL the children to come to school !

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Even after free schooling came in, many parents still needed their older children at home to work on the farm or smallholding instead of going to school.
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