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Welshpool and district
in Victorian times
  The Lledan Brook in Welshpool  

This attractive old photograph was taken looking across a small bridge over the Lledan Brook which ran through central Welshpool. The tower of St Mary's Church can be seen in the background. This is another picture without a reliable date, but it could be from around 1885.

Lledan Brook
and St Mary's
Lledan Brook
The Lledan Brook is shown passing
near the church of St Mary's in the
above section from a 1900 map.

Small streams and brooks ran through many towns in earlier years, and were often used as open sewers by local people. When the flow of fresh water was low they could become a danger to health. A very serious epidemic of cholera struck Welshpool in 1848 causing many deaths.
Many streams like this one still flow through towns but are now mostly hidden from view in underground pipes and culverts.

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