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Welshpool and district
in Victorian times
  A postcard of Broad Street  

This is another view looking down Broad Street in Welshpool from The Cross. Although the buildings are much the same as in the other pictures this one is particularly interesting because there are lots of local people to be seen.
There seem to be an assortment of handcarts and trolleys but no horse-drawn vehicles at all. The picture probably dates from around 1900, after the gas lamp on top of the stone column was removed.

Broad Street
Broad Street

As with many old photographs of street scenes there are quite a few young boys hanging around, who probably should have been at school !
This picture was originally sold as a souvenir postcard, and it is a good example of an early method of making a colour photograph. This was done by hand-colouring a black and white photograph using special inks, which resulted in the kind of faint colours seen above. Photographs in true colour were not easily made until about 1935.

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