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Welshpool and district
in Victorian times
  Broad Street and The Cross, Welshpool  

This drawing is thought to show the view along Broad Street from The Cross in the centre of Welshpool, as it would have appeared around 1860.
This point is where Broad Street, Berriew Street, Church Street, and Severn Street all meet. Church Street goes off to the right in this view, and St Mary's Church is just visible at the edge of the picture.

The Cross
Broad Street
around 1860
The Cross, Welshpool

The stone pillar fitted with three gas lamps was installed in 1835. In earlier years there was a hand-operated water pump on the same spot for the use of the townspeople.
The large building with the tower on top further down Broad Street was the old Town Hall, which was knocked down and replaced by the present building on the same site in 1873.
The new(er) Town Hall can be seen on another picture on this part of our website.

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