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  Slater's Directory: bakers to booksellers  
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This is another extract from Slater's Directory of 1858. It shows more of the trademen who were busy in the area at that time.

The blacksmith's skills were much in need in Victorian times. Before the days of complex electrical machines the local blacksmith could mend most machinery. Farmers would bring their tools to the smithy to be mended, and many smiths were also farriers and would put iron shoes on the horses. With thousands of horses at work in the countryside this kept the blacksmith busy.

As more and more people learned to read, books began to come within the reach of more people. Even so, most of the homes of ordinary working people were empty of books, or had only the Bible.
The booksellers listed here would mainly sell to the families of business people or the gentry.
extract from 1858 directory

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