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  Kelly's Directory 1895: Talgarth - 3  

Here are further Talgarth entries from the faded pages of Kelly's Directory.
We can see that Talgarth has its own doctor in William Howells of Church House. By 1895 medicine had developed a long way from the early years of Queen Victoria's reign. A great many ordinary working people in the town would not have been able to afford his treatments though.

The publishers of the directory were unused to Welsh names and so there are some unusual spellings at times! Can you recognise any of them?
Don't forget!
The surnames are first
Kelly's directory entry Kelly's directory entry

Among all the farmers, tailors, millers, drapers and clerks, notice also Sergeant William Macnulty, the drill instructor to the part-time soldiers of the Brecknockshire Volunteer Battalion.
By 1895 Talgarth had a police station with a sergeant and a constable. Here we can see Sergeant William Marston was in charge at the time.

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