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Talgarth and district
Earning a living
  Kelly's Directory 1895: Talgarth - 1  

Here is the entry for Talgarth. By 1895 this was a thriving rural town with a railway station, market hall and police station. Communications with the outside world had improved since Queen Victoria came to the throne, and education was open to all.
On this page and those following you can see who was doing what in the town to earn a living.

The publishers of the directory were unused to Welsh names and so there are some unusual spellings at times! Can you recognise any of them?
Don't forget!
The surnames are first
entry for Talgarth

Here we can see listed the people who did not need to work for a living or who had a position which was seen to put them "above" ordinary working people.

Besides landowners are the local clergy. These means the local vicar and the ministers of local chapels. Notice also the tutors at Trefeca College

Victorian clergyman
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