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Victorian school days
  On parade at Cathedine School...  
  Reading, writing, and arithmetic were the most important lessons in the Victorian schoolroom. The official Log Book of Llanfilo School in 1887 mentioned a way of making sums more interesting...
22nd October
School diary entry "Knowing the importance of Arithmetic, I work very hard with that subject. They brighten when I talk of nuts, eggs, and apples"...
Apple The idea of using everyday objects to make school lessons easier to understand has been around for a long time, and nuts, eggs, and apples were ideal for these country children !  
Drawing by
Rob Davies
As well as arithmetic and the other usual subjects, many Victorian schools were also keen on teaching "drill", with the children marching and doing exercises all together. These lessons were like an early kind of PE to keep the 'scholars' fit, but they were also found to be useful for producing better discipline.
The example below is from the official Log Book of Cathedine School in 1888...

Drill lesson
1st June
School diary entry

"On Friday afternoon from 4 to 4.30, Sergeant D.Phillips gave all the bigger boys a Lesson in Military Drill".
In many schools drill was for everyone, not just the older boys. For much of the Victorian period "Empire Day" in May was an important occasion for school children to try out their parading and marching skills. This usually included patriotic songs and saluting the British flag !

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