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  Cottages are in such a bad state...  

This is another entry from a local Victorian school Log Book which shows how desperately poor many families were.
It tells of two families who were forced to leave the district because their cottages were not fit to live in. This meant that their children had to be taken away from Llanfilo School in 1880...

5th January
School diary entry

5th January - "I do not think its possible we shall have a full school. Two families leave the Parish this week because their cottages are in such a bad state no one can inhabit them. I lose six of my most regular scholars owing to the fact, also Ada Morgan leaves for Pencelly".
The same school Log Book had noted just the year before, in 1879, that... "Two families are now leaving the Parish with fourteen children...".
Large families were much more common in Victorian times, and this often added to the problems of poverty, since more food and more clothing had to be provided.

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