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  Opened school, but no one came !  

There are far more comments in Victorian school Log Books about the number of children who attended lessons than on any other topic. Almost every diary entry started with a reference to it, and it was almost always a complaint about poor attendances.
These typical entries are from three local schools...

  Pengenfford School  
3rd April
School diary entry "Attendance miserable again this week. Whole families absent. Average only 25".
27th July
School diary entry "Opened school this morning but not a child attended".
  Llanfilo School  
12th June
School diary entry "School very empty today".
  Cathedine School  
1st May
School diary entry "...Sickness still prevails in the neighbourhood, but many of the children are employed in gardening and looking after sheep and cows. With 84 names on the Registers the average this week was 61.9".  

The entry from Pengenfford School in July 1891 was written just before the start of the summer or 'Harvest holidays', and it was always the weather and the timing of the harvest that affected school attendances around that time of year.
When Cathedine School had 84 children on its books in early May 1896, 23 of them didn't turn up for lessons !

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