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  Corn mill on the River Wye  

This picture comes from an old postcard sold locally at the end of the Victorian years in the late 1890s .
The building at the centre of the picture was a working corn-mill known as Lower or New Mill, which was on the west bank of the River Wye in the parish of Llansantffraid Cwmdeuddwr.

Photograph with thanks to
Lloyd Lewis
of Rhayader
Cornmill on
the River Wye
around 1897
Corn mill at Rhayader

The lower whitewashed building next to the mill was the miller's cottage. There was a mill here since at least 1820, and probably much earlier.
The mill pond, the channels to feed the water wheels, and the base for the mill building were all cut from solid rock.
The raised embankment for the railway line and Rhayader station (with a nameboard visible on the platform) can be seen at the top right of the picture.
The corn-mill was still being used in the late 1930s, but only the shell of the main building still survives.

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The stack of wood which can be seen in front of the corn-mill was probably drift-wood pulled from the River Wye.
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