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Crime and punishment
  Three thieves from St Harmon

watch and chainIn the summer of 1867 three men from St Harmon - George Harrison, John Brown and James Kirk - broke into the home of Evan Jones one dark night. They stole a silver watch and chain.
The three were caught and brought before the courts. George Harrison pleaded guilty but the other two pleaded not guilty.
The entry from the court record below shows the charge against them...

Feloniously - illegally, or against the law.

The entry reads:
"...they the said George Harrison, John Brown and James Kirk on the nineteenth day of August 1867 at Saint Harmon in the said county feloniously did break and enter the dwelling house of Evan Jones there situate and therein felonously did steal one silver watch and one chain ....."

.Find out the sentence in the case...

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