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  North Street, Rhayader  

Like some other photographs in this series this one also comes from an old picture postcard.
The view here is of North Street in Rhayader, looking south towards the crossroads at the centre of the town. It probaby comes from the turn of the century, around 1900.

North Street
around 1900
North Street

The building at the bottom of the street is the Old Swan Inn in West Street, which is also shown on another of these pages. The Lamb and Flag inn is one of the white buildings on the left in this picture.
Like some other old views of Rhayader the scene is still easily recognisable, (though there are now lots of traffic signs !) but nowadays you don't get solid posts right at the edge of the road like the ones above ! With today's large trucks squeezing through the narrow streets they probably wouldn't last long !

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As usual with Victorian street photographs we can see a number of children (who probably should have been at school) watching the photographer at work !
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