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  A doomed mansion in the Elan Valley  

There are a number of pages elsewhere in the Rhayader section of this website (see the link in the blue box on the right) which tell the story of the building of the series of dams and lakes in the Elan Valley just a few miles to the west of the market town.
But a few pictures of this great Victorian construction project are still included here because it made such a huge difference to the whole district and to the town.

For more about the remarkable Victorian dam-building project in the Elan Valley see the special section of our website or click here.
Cwm Elan
Elan Valley

The building of the dams created a number of large lakes which meant the loss of many buildings including churches, chapels, farmhouses, a school, and two mansion homes of the gentry.
This picture shows the rising waters of the Garreg-Ddu reservoir coming very close to Cwm Elan, one of the two lost mansions.
The house, which was knocked down before the reservoir was completely filled, was used by the senior engineers during the construction period from 1893.

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