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Victorian school days
  Her head was like an ant hill !  

One of the most common problems which Victorian schools had to deal with was the health of the children. Very few schools managed to avoid the spread of diseases which often meant that they had to close for weeks.
Many families were very poor, and living conditions and the food at home could be very unhealthy. Head lice didn't only turn up on poor children, but they could spread more easily in crowded conditions.

24th July
School diary entry

This comes from the Log Book of Bwlch-y-sarnau School for 1885:Photo of head louse "... I punished one girl on Monday, on account of her stupidity; she is like an ass. I was compelled to yield to her. Her head was like an ant hill, swarming with lice and she was eating them."

Yuk ! Although most of the infections which spread so easily in Victorian schools are no longer a problem today, head lice are still around in the cleanest homes and schools - and are still as hard to get rid of ! But eating them is not a good idea, even if you don't like the school dinners.
There is not much excuse these days for another complaint from some teachers in Victorian times...

A cold wash before school, or not...


I started out as a nit,
but now I'm a louse !
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