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  Francis Kilvert comes to school

The Rev Francis Kilvert became famous all over the world after his death because of the fascinating diaries which he keptFrancis Kilvert portrait of daily life in the Victorian period.
An area around the Welsh borders has become known as 'Kilvert Country' because of the years between 1865 and 1872 which he spent as a curate at Clyro near Hay-on-Wye.

He became vicar of St Harmon, near Rhayader, in 1876 and the entries below from the school Log Books record some of his many visits to St Harmon's School during the year or so that Kilvert spent there.

Curate - assistant to the parish priest or vicar.
20th September
School diary entry
13th October

The two entries shown here read :
20th September 1876 - "Attendance very good during the week - Revd R F Kilvert visited School on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday".
13th October 1877 - "Revd R F Kilvert visited School on Wednesday and informed me of his appointment to another living".

Kilvert signed some official entries in the school diary while heSignature in school diary was at St Harmon. The new 'appointment' mentioned in the school diary was a move to a parish at Bredwardine, just over the border in Herefordshire. Francis Kilvert died there in 1879.
There is more about Kilvert's diaries in the Hay section of this school website.

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