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Population graphs
  Census figures for St Harmon parish  

St Harmon population graph

  The actual recorded figures for the population of the parish were:-  
  In the year 1841 - 920 people
In the year 1851 - 858
In the year 1861 - 902
In the year 1871 - 924
In the year 1881 - 832
In the year 1891 - 731
In the year 1901 - 653

The parish of St Harmon is a large rural area of upland farms. In Victorian times the inhabitants would have been mainly farmers, farm labourers and their families.
The parish was lucky in having a railway built through it in mid-Victorian times giving it much better connections than similar parishes nearby.

Compare this graph with those of other rural parishes in the area like Abbey Cwmhir or Nantmel.
Is the overall trend the same?
Why do you think the population declined towards the end of Queen Victoria's reign?



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