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The Rebecca riots
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6. "A famous night in Rhayader"  

tollhouse windowSergeant Shaw and his men then heard that Rebecca and her daughters had attacked the East gate on the Crossgates road so they rushed across the fields.

Again they found the gates demolished and Sarah Rees - the old woman who looked after the tollgates - cowering inside.

Drawings by
Rob Davies

The Sergeant and his men caught up with the rioters near the Bear Inn. There was a great gang of them in women's clothes over their own work clothes. They had warned the specials not to come too near, and one who did so was hit with a musket.
Such a large armed crowd was too big for the police to cope with, and the rioters then marched four deep around the town.
Two constables had been stationed at the Wye Bridge gate, but they were drawn off by two women who told them that the New Gate was being attacked. Immediately they had gone the Rebeccas demolished the gate and house.
For a night at least Rebecca and her daughters were in control!

What happened afterwards ?...

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