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Crime and punishment
  A noise upstairs  

During the 1890's thousands of workmen came from far and wide to work on the construction of the Elan Valley dams. It is not surprising that among these workers there were a few with more on their minds than just work !

  A complete community was built for the workers and their families with a school, a hospital and a village store.
The store (pictured here) provided everything the local families needed to make their wooden cabins more like a real home - if they could afford it ! (For more on the community see the section on the Elan Valley dams).
  In December 1897 the shop was run by Mr John Lemuel Arthur. At about midnight on the 2nd of December Mr Arthur was disturbed by a noise at his house. His statement to the authorities tells us what happened next...  

It reads:
"I heard a noice [noise] upstairs, and went upstairs. I saw the leg of a man disappearing through the window. I rushed out after the man, and caught him after running after him about sixty yards. In running away he dropped a bundle containing some of the clothes produced which are my property".

More on the theft at Mr Arthur's house...

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