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  The tramway to England

At the beginning of the 19th century, various tramways were constructed in South Wales to carry bulky and heavy goods in a more efficient way than on the roads, which could be muddy and rutted in bad weather.
These tramways were an early form of railway, but with horses pulling short trains consisting of small trucks.
One of these tramways was opened between Brecon and Hay in 1816 and was later extended into Herefordshire. The system worked so well that local businessmen continued it further to Kington. From there it was again extended into Radnorshire to James Watt's lime kilns at Burlingjobb in 1833.

fertility - when plants grow well
1835 map In the early Victorian period this tramway brought thousands of tons of coal into the area.
Some of this was used in the lime kilns at Burlingjobb. They can be seen on this map of 1835.
The kilns produced lime which was used to make cement, and for spreading on the fields to improve fertility.

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