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The tramway to England  

Each open truck pulled by horses was known as a tram. The rules of the tramway said that each tram was to weigh no more than two tons when full of coal.
Three of these would make up a train, pulled by two horses led by a driver or waggoner.
There were regular passing places on the tramway so that one train could pull to one side out of the way when two met. An empty train usually gave way to a full one.


Because the tramway made it much easier to bring coal into the area the price of coal fell. Lime from the limekilns could be sent to customers far away in England. Having the heavy coal and lime on the tramway and not in big carts on the roads probably made road travel easier also.
The idea worked so well in fact that this early horse drawn railway, and many others like it, were later replaced by steam railways following a similar route.

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